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Ethical, Legal, and Societal aspects of military AI

What defence AI-based systems are acceptable from an ethical, legal, and societal point of view, and which are not? Under which circumstances would these systems be acceptable? For responsible implementation, ethical, legal, and societal aspects must be continuously addressed in the design and maintenance of AI-based systems, military doctrine and training.

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Principles of ELSA Lab

The ELSA Lab Defence works through two guiding principles: the Quadruple Helix model and iterative design. The Quadruple Helix model emphasises the importance of connecting stakeholders from different sectors. Through the iterative design process, we ensure that these stakeholders are involved in all stages of the research the ELSA Lab Defence undertakes.

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We would like to welcome more knowledge, industry, and society partners to strengthen our lab, regardless of size or range. Are you doing business in the defence industry and/or would you like to participate in the ELSA Lab Defence? Please get in touch!