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ELSA Network Meeting

Time: Thursday June 13th, 10.00 AM – 17.00 PM 

Location: Omnia, Hoge Steeg 2, 6708 PH Wageningen

Theme: ELSA Methodology 

June 13th ELSA Lab Defence organizes a Network Meeting dedicated to exploring the intricacies of ELSA methodology. Our Network Meeting will feature insightful paper presentations, engaging workshops, and an exciting field trip offering firsthand interaction with AI-driven robots.

In the morning, PhDs and Post-docs from different ELSA labs will give twelve paper presentations reflecting on ELSA methodologies in different AI use cases. To encourage exchange and facilitate learning, we will ensure that every presentation will have at least one professor showing up to provide high quality feedback. During the afternoon, three parallel workshops (1.5 hour each) will explore challenges and best practices in developing ELSA methodology. These three focus groups will offer participants valuable and practical insights into developing responsible and human-centered AI, which can help improve their ELSA approaches and build a stronger ELSA lab network. Also, the focus groups will contribute to scientific research by collecting data to feed in an original article that can be published in a high-level journal, which can serve the objectives of the network project to explore ELSA methodologies and achieve tangible outcomes. In between, we will have a field trip to the AI-driven robot lab at WUR, where AI scientists will show visitors how the robots operate and will be available to answer questions related to ELSA issues. 

After the event, paper presenters and workshop leads might be informed on making a short summary of their scientific talks for the NWO ELSA Lab network magazine contributions. The goal is to capture the insights and learnings from the day, as well as our shared visions for developing ELSA lab methodology in the future.

Program outline

09:30-10.00 Coffee & registration
10:00-10.20 Welcome speech (Prof. Dr. Vincent Blok)
10:30-11.10 First round of paper presentations (10 mins presentation + 10 mins discussions)
Room A: Navigating Positionality in Protest Policing by Majsa Storbeck (AI MAPS)
Room B: Cultural Probes in Poverty and Debt by Dr. Steffi Kohl  (Poverty & Debt)
Room C: Public Acceptance of AI in Healthcare by Sara Soriano Longarón (NN)
Room A: Design Patterns in Military Systems by Marlijn Heijnen & Ivana Akrum (Defence)
Room B:  AI as communication medium by Karthikeya Venkatraj (AI Media & Dem.)
Room C: Critical Hermeneutics in Data Economy by dr. Roel Veraart (AI4SFS)
11.10-11.50Second round of paper presentations (10 mins presentation + 10 mins discussions)
Room A: An Iterative and Experimental Approach by Cassy Juhasz (Poverty & Debt)
Room B: Artistic Approaches by Judith van der Elst (NN)
Room C: Deconstructing the ‘Human’ in Human-Centered AI by Luuk Stellinga (AI4SFS)
Room A: An Absurdist Ethics of AI by Marlon V. Kruizinga (AI MAPS)
Room B: Participatory and Iterative Process by Marc Steen et al. (AI MAPS)
Room C: Layered and Decentralized Approaches by Dr. Jonathan Kwik & Dr. Henning Lahmann (Defence)
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-14:30 Robot Lab visit (+campus walk to Robot lab)
14:30-16:00Three parallel workshop sessions (see full description below)
 Room A: ELSA Impact Workshop: How to systematically identify the ELSA issues?
Room B: Stakeholder Engagement Workshop: How to engage stakeholders effectively?
Room C: Legal and Governance Workshop: How to translate identified ELSA issues into legal advice and policymaking?
16:00-16:20 Coffee break
16.20-17.00 Reflections and discussion (Moderator)
17.00-18.00Drinks and bites