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Experts band together to discuss the responsible use of military AI

On the 31st of October, a two-day expert workshop took place to discuss the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in military systems. Thirty academic experts came together with twenty representatives from government, industry, and research institutes at the Naval Establishment in Amsterdam for two days of highly interactive discussions on how to move the responsible development, deployment and use of AI in the military domain forward. Members of the ELSA Lab Defence consortium joined the workshop as well and were honored to partake in these important discussions.

Key insights that came out of the workshop were that trust is incredibly important, as it can influence misuse and disuse of AI-enabled systems; that the use of military AI goes beyond weapon systems, and that these other areas must also be given due attention; and that there should be more focus on developing responsible AI from the earliest point its life cycle, rather than implementing regulation after the fact.

Outcomes from the workshop provide valuable input for the REAIM Summit, which is taking place in February 2023.