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Our consortium’s first (official) meeting

On the 15th of September, the internal kick-off of the ELSA Lab Defence took place at the research facility of TNO in Soesterberg. The meeting was used as a moment for consortium partners to meet each other, discuss their role in and expectations of the ELSA Lab Defence and to consider the first steps to take. Moreover, during the meeting, the official ELSA Lab Defence website was presented.

Interested in the ELSA Lab Defence? Keep an eye on the website to remain updated on our latest news, events and projects. An invitation-only, external kick-off of the ELSA Lab Defence will take place on the 4th of November. Invitations are following soon, so keep an eye on your emails! If you are interested in ELSA Labs in general, please join the ELSA Labs Live! Kick-off event on the 14th of October. There, all ELSA Labs will be presented.